What is a Scale and Polish?

In recent years we have moved away from the term “scale and polish”. A scale and polish is now understood to be a quick and general cleaning of the teeth carried out usually by a dentist at the end of a check up appointment, less so by the hygienist. Usually using an Ultrasonic scaler, some general cleaning around the gum line or on the back and front of your teeth is carried out to remove any plaque and tartar. This treatment usually lasts just a few minutes. The treatment is finished by a quick polish of the teeth.

In order to accommodate some of our regular clients, who just need a quick removal of staining before that really important business meeting, appointment, dinner or date we have created on our menu EXPRESS TREATMENT OPTION 1 called SMILE ON THE RUN. It takes 20 minutes and costs £45.

It is a nice way to revitalise your smile which includes some scaling, polishing, breath freshening in just 20 minutes. The slightly longer option of 30 minutes with more detailed scaling and thorough polishing is priced at £55.

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