Glowing Smiles is the exciting alternative to the traditional dental hygiene appointment.

Typically, to see a hygienist, you would be asked to see the dentist first and then be referred to the hygienist. Appointments don’t always fit into busy lifestyles and work schedules. Also waiting lists can be long. Here, this is no longer necessary.

At Glowing Smiles, East Sheen we serve many customers who are either local or commute to us from as far as the City, Canary Wharf and the West End via Waterloo and Clapham Junction Stations. We offer earlier than usual and evening appointments as well as Saturday appointments. We usually can accommodate patients within the same week.

We will ask you to fill in a Medical History questionnaire upon your arrival.

You will find that we will take our time in explaining in detail how to look after your teeth and mouth well to prevent both: decay and gum disease.




What makes us different?

1. No need to register with the dentist first

We are an independent dental hygiene clinic, that gives you easy access to all modern preventative hygiene treatments without the need to see the dentist first.

Our team is appropriately trained and registered to offer Direct Access dental hygiene treatmentswithout the need for the referral from the dentist.

2. Time

We believe a little bit extra time will make a big difference to a really good dental care. We allow an extra 10 minutes between each patient, as a standard, for all our appointments.

We use hand scalers, powered scalers, air polishers and polishing equipment to clean each tooth individually.

We also check all the soft tissues in the mouth carefully.

We will discuss with you all the areas where we found that the plaque is harbouring. And then we will advise you in detail how to prevent that build up forming in the future.

We will allow time to answer your questions regarding all of your dental concerns.

3. Experience

Monika has worked in the field of dentistry for over 25 years now. She has experience dealing with a variety of dental issues from a mild gum inflammation to very advanced gum disease. She is able to deliver a very comprehensive range of treatments and she does liaise with specialist on regular basis in cases where this is required. She can refer to an appropriate specialist should you need other treatment.

Monika receives referrals from other dentists in the area. This might include patients who suffer with dental phobia, periodontal patients, implant patients, orthodontic cases and diabetic patients. It is worth noting that current evidence supports the science that Diabetes is closely linked to gum disease and it can even trigger gum disease in otherwise healthy patient.

4. Unique patient experience

We believe, Glowing Smiles in Sheen Lane SW14, is currently the only truly Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic in South West London.

Our patients can expect unbiased dental hygiene advise.

We specialise in delivering effective treatments which will not make your smile sparkle, they will make you feel better about yourself and healthier too.

Effective dental hygiene has multiple health benefits. The plaque and gum inflammation are known to cause not just bad breath but also other serious health issues such as heart disease.