Hygienist Fees

Duration Price
Regular hygiene treatment 45 minutes from £88
Deep clean hygiene treatment for treatment of moderate to advanced gingivitis 45 minutes from £105
Glow Super Clean inclusive of Diamond Polish 45 minutes from £120
Super Clean Radiance inclusive of Diamond Polish and Full Mouth Air Flow Polishing for complete fresh and whiter look 60 minutes from £125
Smokers Ultra Clean inclusive of Diamond Polish 50 minutes from £145
Supporting Periodontal Therapy 60 minutes from £145
Non Surgical Periodontal Therapy 60 minutes from £150

Child bookings

Age Price
Under the age of 7 £55
Age 7-16 £65
Age 16 and above £75

Child orthodontic maintenance visit

Age Price
Age 10-13 £75
Age 13-16 £85

Air Polishing individual price

From £28 in addition to the Classic and Glow appointment fees

Fissure sealants

From £45 per tooth

Denture cleaning

Service Price
Complete set of dentures £65
Partial dentures acrylic £40
Partial dentures metal and acrylic from £45 per denture

Tooth whitening

Home whitening system from £350-£595


  • Bleaching consultation with GDC registered dentist
  • Custom made bleaching trays made by qualified dental technicians
  • Study models
  • 2 weeks of appropriate bleaching gel