In our unique clinic, appointments can be made to see the hygienist directly without the need for a dental examination or referral from the dentist.

Thanks to new legislation, which was introduced on the 1st of May 2013, Dental Hygienists and Dental Therapists are able to see their patients without the need for prescription from the dentist.

We offer Direct Access hygiene and periodontal treatments.

We pride ourselves on offering modern and convenient service to our patients:

  • Gentle dental hygienist
  • Needle free anaesthetic
  • No need to be seen by the dentist (except for tooth whitening)
  • Convenient appointments on Saturdays, mornings and evening clinics
  • Very close proximity to Mortlake train station
  • Ample of parking bays

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: For which treatments will dental hygienists and therapists be able to see patients direct?

    A: Dental hygienists and dental therapists will be able to carry out their full scope of practice except tooth whitening without needing a prescription from a dentist.

  • Q: If a dental hygienist or dental therapist wants to set up in independent practice, what do they need to do?

    A: Dental hygienists and Therapists wishing to set up an independent practice will need to register with the Care Quality Commission in England or other appropriate governing body in either Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

    Here, at Glowing Smiles we are fully registered by the Care Quality Commission and we comply with their guidelines.

Patients can book all their appointments directly with us for their convenience.

Please schedule your appointments by phone: 020 3441 8182