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Richmond Dental Hygienist

Richmond Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists play an important role in preventing both Tooth decay and Gum Disesase. Making an appointment with our Dental hygienist at Glowing Smiles clinic in Richmond Southwest London is an important first step in attaining healthy teeth and gums.

There is ample evidence of an association between plaque and gum disease in adults and in children. Plaque deposits have been shown to cause gingival inflammation, which is known to be reversed by plaque removal.

Plaque control is therefore at the forefront of treatment in prevention of gingivitis. But is also has to be emphasised that once the bone and the fibres supporting the tooth are lost due to the progression of gingival inflammation, then home plaque control alone is not enough.

Equally, some research studies suggests that dental carries could be controlled by highly effective plaque removal.

So for both caries prevention and gum disease we suggest you schedule an appointment with our dental hygienist.

We will take time to ensure that the techniques you adopt at home will minimise plaque retention. We will provide you with clear advice on how to maintain your teeth in a good state of health.

We will clean the teeth from the plaque and calculus.

Calculus that forms on the teeth above the gum levels is more often that not present below the gum line and it is where you need a professional to carry out systematic cleaning of each tooth. Here at Glowing Smiles we will be delighted to carry out this treatment for you.

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  • Guide to direct access dental hygiene treatments

    Regular hygiene appointments include the following:

    • Checking your Medical History
    • Extra oral examination
    • Full mouth soft tissue check
    • Oral cancer check
    • Full mouth professional removal of plaque, scaling and full mouth polishing,
    • Gum health screening and check including but not exclusive to gum recession and mobility
    • Assessing your current oral hygiene current routines and methods
    • Provides oral hygiene home instructions, diet advice and smoking cessation guidance
    • Refers to other dental health professionals where necessary
  • What is a dental hygienist?

    Dental hygienist is a specially trained dental professional providing dental care treatments and advice and whose work relates mostly but not exclusively to prevention of dental diseases such as decay and gum disease.

    A dental hygienist’s and therapist’s role is to evaluate the level of dental and oral health of the patient, assist the patient with improving that health, educate them on the methods and techniques which will unable them to look after their teeth and mouth and to be able to do it in a more effective way.

    Here at Glowing Smiles our independent dental hygienists and therapists provides the following:

    • examines the teeth
    • examines the gums
    • takes appropriate radiographs if necessary
    • checks for signs of oral cancer
    • evaluates current oral hygiene routine
    • advises on appropriate measures to either prevent or manage the dentition and oral tissues
    • advises on diet in order to protect dental health of your teeth
    • advises on smoking cessation where appropriate
    • cleans and polishes teeth from plaque, tartar and removes extrinsic stains
    • works to stabilise and reduce gum inflammation, bone loss related problems and periodontal pocketing
    • helps to manage bad breath
    • refers to either general dentists or specialists where necessary
    • helps patients with orthodontic braces, dentures, bridges, crowns and dental implants
    • the work of our independent dental hygienists is centred on preventing dental diseases